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BLU::Tronica is a musical group (from Solo to 3 (max) musicians), performing live eclectic and fine-quality blend of several Electronica music genres, which is very popular around the world:  Ambient, Chill, Lounge, Nu-Jazz, World, Reggae & Blues music. The core instrument is primarily on guitar & guitar synthesizers, where other musicians may be added as per the client's requirement, namely:  Saxophone, percussion, suitable to your budget.  (It's like having a skilled DJ, yet you see musicians performing in 'real time', adding *sparkle*!).

A wonderful relaxing backdrop of perfectly blended smooth music, to ease and calm the senses.  You may have heard this music in finer venues around the world. Examples as: Buddha Bar, Cafe del Mar, Ibiza chill, Balearic Islands et al... 

Perfect music for fine lounges, 5-Star (corporate) parties, product launches, art galleries, private parties especially where people want fine and the latest instrumental music, without 'intrusive' bearing. Subtle, smooth and perhaps even dance - able...A 'sonic elixir' after a hard days work, whether you are wrapping up work matters post meetings, or just want to 'kick-back' and enjoy a relaxing and harmonious musical journey.

Clients performed for:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Yachts Show
  • Architectural Society (CAD)
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Our Guarantee:
You are now in safe and professional 'musical hands', taking you on a marvellous and magical musical journey! :)

[We will take care of the sound-system and other details, so you can well, simply chill and enjoy]

Musically yours,


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Lagoon Lounge [Vol:1] 
Track: 'Maldives Dive'
{Exclusive Web Preview}
[Coming soon: *New CD* Music]

Listen to 'Maldives Dive' (excerpt) here:
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